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St. Joseph Catholic Church Interior


As an additional service, we can assist you in many aspects or architectural construction administration.  This includes finding contractors to work with and obtain bids from.  We will provide written instructions to bidders, bid forms, and documentation of the results.  When you have selected a contractor, we can help you prepare a contract for construction. 



As an additional service, during the construction of your project, we can offer ongoing interpretation of the contract documents and elaboration on detail intended, in order to achieve the best possible results.  If products specified are not available, we recommend substitutions or adapt the design to fit a new product.  In remodeling projects, some assumptions must be made in earlier phases of design about existing conditions inside walls or below grade and when actual conditions are revealed during construction, adjustments to the design are necessary.  If a difference of opinion between the owner and contractor arises, we attempt to resolve the disagreement. 


We make periodic visits to the construction site to check on the progress of the work and its conformance with the contract documents.  We endeavor to guard you against defects and deficiencies in the work. 


We review the contractor's applications for payment and make recommendations to you regarding the amounts due and payable in accordance with the contract. 


We review and make recommendations regarding the contractor's submittals (such as shop drawings, samples, and request substitutions), and prepare change orders and other documentation of decisions made during the construction. 



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