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McCurley Mercedes Benz Dealership 
McCurley Mercedes Benz Dealership 

A coordinated team approach:   The Design/Build team works with your management team to identify your specific needs and provide expertise on decisions concerning up-front costs vs. operational costs, performance scheduling.  This allows you to be the expert in your business, and us to be the expert in project management construction.


Single point of accountability for design and construction:   The contractor takes responsibility for all aspects of the project.  This eliminates the fragmentation and finger pointing inherent in the traditional method of construction and process design. 


The owner saves time and money:   Your time and participation occurs during important management decisions concerning design, cost, and construction.  The Design/Build team handles the details.  This eliminates your need to hire, supervise and schedule individual architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. 


Quality and performance are enhanced:   You can select your Design/Build contractor based on integrity, reputation and capacity, not just price alone.  This results in a project that better fits your needs, not the needs of a fragmented group of designers, engineers, and builders.


Design/Build offers a complete project:   Through an integrated "teaming" concept, the owner obtains a final product that meets the requirements for cost, schedule, quality, and usability.  The project is completed in a cooperative spirit in which the owner's desires and interests are both understood and achieved.


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